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My name is Victoria Lorient-Faibish. I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I am also a Relationship Expert. I hold a Masters degree in Educational Psychology (MEd) and I am a Certified Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCC) as well as a member of the Ontario and American Polarity Therapy Associations (BCPP Board Certified Polarity Practitioner). I have been in practice since 1990 and in addition to my traditional psychotherapy training I have over 8 years of training in eastern philosophy body-centred modalities including Polarity Therapy, Reiki, New Decision Therapy and Craniosacral. I offer an East meets West, holistic approach to psychotherapy, that I call Holistic Psychotherapy,  in which a foundational process is provided as the framework for profound self awareness and transformation.

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Victoria’s new online programs and webinars are out!

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  1. Boundaries! We Teach People How to Treat Us  
  2. How to Recover and Heal from a Narcissistic Relationship!
  3. Dating & Relationship Do’s and Don’ts In the Modern World! 
  4. Procrastination – 7 Hacks to beat it!
  5. Leverage your personality for quicker results!
  6. Get Past Jealousy, Resentment, Anger, Guilt and Shame


What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

As a relationship expert, I work with traditional talk therapy either individually or with couples. And I also I include life coaching, mindfulness based breathing, visualization and somatic focusing.  I often integrate body centred (somatic) work, breath work to assist in the integration of the new information gained by the client(s) in order to maintain groundedness as the emotional unfolding occurs. For more info click HERE

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Huffington Post

Vitality Magazine! Cover_Sept-2016_Web

The incomparable Vitality Magazine has published an excerpt from my new book Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture .

I talk about my 4 top tips for a #passionate long-term relationships!


Radio Interviews!

Sirius XM’s Ward and Al Show! (Lots of fun… a bit provocative too!  #RedFlags in #Relationships, #Narcissism, #Boundaries and more!)


From Collective Culture to Self-CultureListen here! A great Interview with Rochelle Mclaughlin of Revolutionary #Wellness on Voice America!

#WhatSheSaid #radioshow on #SiriusXM Had a blast chatting with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler. We talked about #dating in the modern world, spotting #relationship dysfunction from the start and my pre marital checklist! Listen HERE 


NEW TALKS!!   20170408_170428

#Fighting Fairly and

The Art of Networking in a Conscious Way

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I have written two books that encapsulates the work I do in the office.

The 1st one is called Find Your Self-Culture:Moving From Depression and Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance (Massenergy Press) and takes the reader on a journey to finding the real self, despite the pressures of “Family-culture”, patterns and habits. I believe that often depression and anxiety are vastly helped by a person allowing themselves to hear their authentic voice… their “Self-Culture” as the loudest voice in their head. This book is filled with easy techniques as well as vivid case studies to facilitate in the integration of the material.

My second book is about relationships and the patterns therein. It is called Connecting:Rewire Your Relationship-Culture (Manor House Publishing) Left analyzed, we are doomed to repeat what we have observed in our family of origin and if what we saw was dysfunctional, then we will perpetuate these cycles on to our adult relationships into oblivion. This book helps the reader shine a light on the patterns that affect their “Relationship-Culture” and I use brain science to teach people how to rewire their long held beliefs and patterns so that they can impact their relationships positively. I speak deeply about  dating in the modern worlds, my pre marital check list, long term passionat marriage fundamentals as well codependency, boundaries and so much more!

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Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture

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“This book would have made my journey shorter and easier.It will guide you through your family matrix, into dating in the modern world, how to spot relationship dysfunction from the start and finally lead you into healthy relationships and enduring marriages.”

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Find Your Self-Culture: Moving From Depression and Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance  

Find Your Self-Culture CoverTakes the reader on a powerful journey toward the real self and out of #depression and #anxiety!

When you find your “self-culture” you will unearth the real you and listen to your soul’s voice.


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