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Spring Into Action! 

Wow this has been one super busy 1st half of the year! 

As you know I launched my 2nd book Connecting:Rewire Your Relationship-Culture (Published by Manor House Publishing) in Feb just in time for Valentine’s day.

Spring is great time to visualize your dreams so you can bring them into reality! Take time every day to know and feel deeply into what your heart’s desire is. Imagine yourself living your dreams fully. This works if you work it! 

I spent a lot of time visualizing and a dream of mine came true as my books are now at Indigo stores across the nation!! You can also order them here:
and on Amazon!
Kapow another dream came true! I also did 2 book signing at Indigo Book store here in Toronto…
Loved it!  

Lots of peeps stopped by and many books were sold!

Oh and let’s not forget that the incomparable Dini Petty wrote the forward to my book! That is so cool! Love her!

We shot a series of videos talking about how Dini climbed out of the rabbit hole that she found herself in.. only to reinvent herself and find success again through her new business venture at 71!!  This is our mini intro… more to come…stay tuned to my Youtube Channel (Ask Victoria)  for more segments with Dini!
(Click on the picture!)

It was one heck of a whirlwind promoting it!
I  got to do some amazing press as well! I was on Sirius XM on the What She Said Show with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler.. We talked deeply about dating in a healthy way, relationship rescue 911, how to spot relationship dysfunction from the start, narcissism, codependency, commitment phobia, how not to get caught by the love drug (Oxytocin) when dating and so much more!
Here is the link: (Click on the picture!)

By the by I will doing a talk On Wed May 25th on Connecting!
Would be so honoured if you would join me!  Some appies will be served as well 🙂

The keys to connecting with people both professionally and in your personal world. This event is part of the Positive Fabulous Women event that will feature  a couple of other speakers and will delve into to the art of connecting big time!

International Women’s Day 2016
Yowza! Here is my talk that I did at theInternational Women’s Day 2016 event held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto called  A Woman’s World in an Inside Job! Click on the picture!

My talk was about navigating conflict in a healthy way!
Fighting without a game plan is like riding a freight train at full speed toward a brick wall. Here I talk about tools to fight fairly, stop defensiveness, stop blaming and getting out of the hurt child in your adult relationships. And how to get into the Balanced Adult during a conflict. You can get the new book here:

Excerpt from Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture
Copyright Manor House Publishing

And remember……..Love yourself!
You are awesome!

Love, peace and light,

Check out my Webinar:

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Resentment, Anger,
Guilt and Shame!

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This is my 1st transformational book!
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Sending everyone love and light vibrations!
Blessings, ease
and overflowing joy to all!

Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd, RP, CCC, BCPP, RPE
Registered Psychotherapist 

Relationship Expert
Holistic Psychotherapist
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