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Oct 2016 Book signings, Live Seminar, Online Programs

Helloooo Lovers of Life! 

October 2016 promises to be an opening and growing time for us all. The Universe has been challenging many of us on deep emotional levels with all these eclipes in March and finishing up in September. That means most of us have been going through some sort of learning, transforming but and through challenges forcing us all out of our comfort zones!

But… October  means a time for reaping the rewards of your efforts Whooo hoooo!

I am pumped to share my message to wider and wider audiences.
What gets me up in the morning is knowing that what I am writing about and the work I do in the office is all about stopping multi generational patterns now! 

Please drop by my various activities to say hello and/or to learn a new life tip or to simply share in the energy of growth and positivity.  

To that end…..I will doing 2 book signings at Indigo/Chapter! 

Friday, October 14th 6pm to 9pm  Indigo Ancaster
Meadowland Regional Centre, 737 Golf Links Road, Unit 1, Ancaster, Ontario L9K 1L5

Sunday, October 30th 10am to 2pm  Indigo Missisauga
Erin Mills Power Centre, 3050 Vega Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5L 5X8


Join me for a powerful event coming up in October/2016

Understanding The Narcissistic Relationship: How to Survive and Thrive Past the Collateral Damage of these Toxic & Traumatic Relationships 
Space is limited. For tix and info click here:

Introductory lecture: Thursday, October 13th 2016 Time: 7pm to 9pm Cost: $35
One day interactive Workshop: Sunday October 16th, 2016 Time: 10:30 to 4:30 Cost: $100

This is a must attend event that will provide key resources for you to overcome the trauma of the narcissistic relationship in your life. Stop suffering now! 
You will learn:
• The effects of being the child of or in a relationship with a traumatic narcissist
• Tools to find your “Self-Culture” so that you can heal from the toxic relationship
• Tools to rewire your “Relationship-Culture” so you don’t keep repeating the same patterns over and over
• The keys to overcoming the codependency that keeps you in these kinds toxic interactions and relationships
• The anatomy of a good boundary! How to draw them and stick to them
• Ways to overcome the big 3: Guilt, Anger and Shame
• How to transform your inner “bully” into a supportive inner “coach”
• Ways to create a new normal so that you can thrive and live the life you were meant to live!

Space is limited. For tix and info click here:

Brand New! On-line seminars! 

You will learn: The Red Flags in a Relationship

1.     Co-dependency

2.     Commitment Phobia

3.     Narcissism

  • You’ll avoid being drawn in and enduring dating and relationship horrors!

  • Stop with the Jealousy Already! 

  • You’ll uncover how toxic jealousy can be averted 

  • Defensiveness: The Relationship Killer!

  • What is Family Culture?

  • What is Relationship Culture?

  • Living from the False Self

  • Selfy vs. Selfish

  • Getting in the “Right” Relationship with Self and Life

  • Rules for Healthy Dating

  • Emotional Dumpster Diving

  • Boundaries – Selfhood Saviour

  • Achieving Emotional Self-Sufficiency

Click here:  Boundaries – The Key to Healthy Relationships
15 lectures, lifetime access
1 hour $25  Get it for $19 for a short time..Discount code here
You will learn:

  • The anatomy of a good boundary

  • The art of drawing good boundaries

  • What the Cycle of Self-Denial is and how to heal it. 

  • The power of vulnerable requests and truths

  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries

  • Good boundary communication

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September Soul Power!

Cultivate your Soul Power this September! This is a super month to re focus on your inner world, your inner running commentary and your soul’s voice!  Join me for a powerful event coming up in October/2016 Understanding The Narcissistic Relationship: How to Survive and Thrive Past the Collateral Damage of these Toxic & Traumatic Relationships  Space is limited.… Continue Reading

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