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Parental Alienation: Devastating Consequences!

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N writes in about his “Malicious Mother” who alienated him from his father for 25 years. He is now in the process of reconnecting with this part of his family that he was deprived of. His mother now has amputated him, heartlessly! This tactic to seek revenge on the other parent is so toxic and so manipulative and has devastating far reaching consequences. It is not to be used unless there is physical proof of abuse. In this case there was no abuse and so the blow was all the more horrifying for N. Continue Reading

Borderline Personality: Boundaries and Stop Enabling!

Transcribed from my video at L is engaged to a man who has a previous family. He does not set boundaries and he is passive when it comes to dealing with his hurricane borderline personality adult daughter. She is in danger of completely being a door mat with this new family. Self analysis is… Continue Reading

Question re: fear of confrontation

Question Hi Ms. Lorient-Faibish I’m trying to overcome a fear I have with confrontation.  When someone does or says something offensive to me, I have trouble voicing my feels to the person, because I usually fear the outcome. I worry about hurting the other person’s feelings, if the person is close to me, or I… Continue Reading

Are You Overly Involved In Your Adult Child’s Life?

Transcribed from my video at Parents of adult children so often have a hard time letting go. Their expectations are dashed and they feel that they need to get in there and either save their adult kid or control the choices they make. The reality is that all this worry and control is making… Continue Reading

Being Your Parent’s Parent: Stop Now!

A reader wrote a letter to me asking how she could stop being so affected by her mother who is depressed, critical and manipulative.  I would like to share with you my thoughts through showing you the letter and also my advice to overcome this pattern of constant approval-seeking from someone who is not at… Continue Reading

Straddling Two Worlds: Establishing Your Own “Self Culture”

In Canada’s multi cultural landscape, the question “Where are you from?” is a common one as we Canadians are fortunate to have embedded in our very matrix the ability to maintain our country of origin’s culture while also meshing with the Canadiana flavours. We are not the melting pot like our neighbours to the south… Continue Reading

Boundaries: Selfhood Saviour!

When does being generous of spirit become being a doormat? When does being a “can do” person become a problem? These are questions that many contend with as they learn about the concept of having and setting healthy boundaries. By definition a boundary is the emotional and physical space that we place between ourselves and… Continue Reading

Boundaries: Healthy and Unhealthy

Transcribed from my video at Ask Victoria: Get a note pad because this one is chock a block full of info!! So many have no idea as to what kind of boundaries they are using. This longer video has many examples… So sit back and take notes.. Tags: boundaries relationships empowerment friendships marriage self… Continue Reading

Boundaries are essential for healthy relationship

Transcribed from my youtube video at Healthy relationship needs boundaries in order to survive. Say yes only when you truly mean it. Fill your own cup first and then give to others only when there is an overflow. Without this there is a break down that cannot be mended. Today’s topic is boundaries. They… Continue Reading