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Free Webinar! Dating in Modern World

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Dating in Modern World: The Art of Navigating the Dating World in a Healthy and Empowered Way

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) Continue Reading

The Codependent Life

We live in a culture in which codependency seems to be normalized.  The very relationships that are labeled as nice, healthy and very common in the media are in many occasions unhealthy, over enmeshed and compromised of freedom and joy.  Instead, as we scratch below the surface what is seen are patterns of unhappiness stemming… Continue Reading

Getting In “Right” Relationship With Self and With Life

  You cannot have a good relationship with life if your relationship with yourself is off the rails. Developing a “right” relationship” with oneself requires a discipline of one’s thinking and a willingness to be in a teachable state of being with life.  When living from these principles, a deep “right”ness” with self and life… Continue Reading

The Future is Up For Grabs

No one knows what the future will bring yet it seems that one of the most paralyzing things is to over focus on a future that we have very little control over.  The richness of life is right here in the present moment. This is where we need to keep our attention. The bulk of… Continue Reading

Coping With September Emotion Commotion

Here we go again! Lovely yet daunting September! This is a month of new beginnings for those going to school. With the new semester comes the promise of new accomplishments, new goals, new contacts and new challenges. But also comes the reality of learning curves, expectations, unknowns and feeling out of one’s depth. This can… Continue Reading

The Hidden Messages in Negative Pattern Behaviour

published in Vitality Magazine: Title: Finding the Authentic Self – November 2007 You find you are in the middle of a dissatisfying life. You are consistently feeling betrayed.   You are attracting chaos to yourself and cannot figure out why…. There are pieces of you that screaming for attention and to be healed.  The messages are… Continue Reading

From Slavery to Freedom

published in Vitality Magazine What is change? How do we achieve this illusive concept? How do we master going beyond what we have been taught to do repeatedly either because we saw it or because it was drilled in to us on pain of who knows what?  The thing I ask most readily when a… Continue Reading

Playing Nice at Work: Projecting Old Family Dynamics at The Office

Published in Tonic Magazine Workplace conflicts are extremely common and are affecting the bottom lines of companies. People complain that their bosses are not acknowledging them enough or they are unable to work with a difficult colleague. The pervasive common denominator that I see is that those involved may not be fully in their adult… Continue Reading

How Do I Get Over My Mother Anger?

Transcribed from my video at Anna experienced an emotionally withholding mother and now finds herself projecting her anger on to her adult love relationships. She also attracts emotionally unavailable men into her life. This video is about getting over that anger and being able to attract better relationships into her life. Today I am… Continue Reading

Neural Pathways: The Biology of Change

Transcribed from my video at Understanding that the brain biology is implicated in patterns of behaviour and beliefs is a crucial piece in initiating transformation. The newer patterns of behaviour and beliefs are like footpaths compared to the highways that are associated with the longer held belief or patterns. Don’t beat yourself up if… Continue Reading