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Celtic Sea Salt

Have your fill of salt!!!

I have got to share with you the things that I have been doing for the past little while and have found remarkable shifts in my body, my mind and my spirit.

I know, I know we have all been conditioned as to the evils of salt. We live in a salt denying society. That is all fine and good when it come to good old regular table salt. In fact stay away from that stuff. What I am talking about is the wonderful and pure Celtic Sea Salt that comes from the south of France from a place called Bretagne. Celtic Sea Salt is what real and true salt is supposed to be. Technically Celtic Sea Salt is the complex, balanced mixture of essential minerals in almost the exact proportions required by the body. Chemical analysis of Celtic Sea Salt is almost identical to that of the salty “mini-ocean” for the fetus -amniotic fluid- in which we were created.

Bad Press

All the research and bad press associated with “salt” has been done with the refined, white table salt, which is approximately 99.8% sodium chloride. Our blood requires real salt in order to function. So because the body runs on salt, without a proper balance we run out of electrolytes and our batteries die out. Refined table salt, even the so called “sea salts” from the health food stores which are mostly sodium chloride, promote a breakdown of the cellular tissue. Celtic Sea Salt contains nearly 82 other trace elements that table salt does not. These serve as a buffer to protect us from the harsh side effects of pure sodium chloride. Nature put those buffers there to make sure our bodies could use the sodium properly and to ensure that once it has been used it will be eliminated completely and quickly through the kidneys. Celtic Sea Salt is completely unrefined to ensure proper bodily utilisation.

The benefits of salt

One of the most important properties of Celtic Sea Salt is that it recharges and maintains the cells of the body. This good salt helps our body to actually produce other necessary minerals and recharges the cells in much the same way as a battery. It also enhances hydrochloric acid production in the body, thus improving digestion immensely. It definitely did that for me. Vegetarians specifically need the Celtic Salt more than anyone to aid in digestion. No more burping their greens! When using this high content mineral salt, you can get up to 7 times the nutritional value out of the vegetables by increasing the potency of the food, enriching the saliva, and creating hydrochloric acid so that all is absorbed more efficiently.

Signs of not enough salt in your diet

I hate that word-DIET, it contains the word “DIE” in it, so let us replace it forever more with the word “NUTRITION”. Ok signs of salt deficiency may take the form of sweating profusely, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, sore and stiff muscles, twitching muscles, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and convulsions in extreme cases. Without proper salt in the nutrition, the cells cannot regenerate, repair or rest.

And what about that high blood pressure conversation? Well, it should be said that it is the sodium chloride, not the salt that contributes to that high blood pressure. Celtic Sea Salt actually stabilises blood pressure. Why? Because it is the primary plaque cleanser of our veins and arteries, keeping all the pipes clean so to speak. It scours the artery walls and cleans out the oily cholesterol residue creating excellent circulation.

Here’s what I recommend…

What I do is drink at least 2 litres of water a day with up to half a teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt each day, under the tongue. This is crucial so that that the salt can distribute throughout the body. In addition to the half a teaspoon (take a number of pinches of salt throughout the day), I also only use it in my cooking. It has served as a fantastic weight loss agent and has improved my digestion, my skin, and my energy levels not to mention with this salt, there is absolutely no water retention. A miracle for me because all I needed was a small bowl of salty pretzels to make me wake up like a puffy balloon in the morning! It has been know to stimulated the thyroid gland due to the iodine trace mineral content. It can clam down the nervous system immeasurably because the trace minerals work with all the glands including the adrenal gland, which manages our “fight or flight response.”

It makes allot of sense to me because as a person that grew up by the ocean in Portugal, Brazil and in Mexico, I never experienced any digestion issues, or weight issues, or bloating, or hypertension. It was only when I moved north that that occurred. I am a firm believer in the research I have found regarding the Celtic Sea Salt . I say try it and love it.

Where to find it.

You can get it at many health food stores but make sure that it is wet and grey. I also recommend the “Fleur de Sel” (Flower Of The Ocean Celtic Salt) which is the highest in mineral content salt. It is known as the feminine salt as it balances hormones. It is a little lighter in colour. It is the most tasty, a little more expensive but also works on the entire endocrine system thus balancing so many aspects of the body.

I recommend calling the Grain Of Salt Educational Society, which is what I did. They will send you free literature, and free samples of the different salts. They are in Tara, Ontario and are super friendly and informative. Their number is . Their email address is Their address is 28 Yonge Street, Tara, Ontario, N0H 2N0.

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