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Free Webinar! Dating in Modern World

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Dating in Modern World: The Art of Navigating the Dating World in a Healthy and Empowered Way

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) Continue Reading

Question re: Self love

First I want to say that I enjoy reading your articles. They’re very enlightening, and I’m learning so much from them. I wanted to ask you about self-love. My grandmama is always telling me that I need to learn to love myself first before I can learn to love another person. I was always being… Continue Reading

Mental Illness: Healing The Stigma

Transcribed from my video at . With mental illness, the pain of feeling mocked, gossiped about or ashamed is so difficult and isolating. They feel often they need to hide or lie in order to mitigate the feelings of being ostracized. The reality is that there is still a stigma attached to mental illness… Continue Reading

Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunction: The Buck Stops Here!

Transcribed from my video at Multi-generational dysfunction is pervasive. People are doing to their kids what was done to them largely because they are totally unaware and mired in their own rage and shame. The lack of recognizing this is what make the repetition occur over and over. With each generation the abuse becomes… Continue Reading

Getting In “Right” Relationship With Self and With Life

  You cannot have a good relationship with life if your relationship with yourself is off the rails. Developing a “right” relationship” with oneself requires a discipline of one’s thinking and a willingness to be in a teachable state of being with life.  When living from these principles, a deep “right”ness” with self and life… Continue Reading

The Benefits of Meditation

Transcribed from my video at Meditation has so many benefits including focusing the mind, creating perspective and so much more. Visit my other website: and try a free guided meditation with my voice and beautiful music. Today’s topic is an important one: the benefits of meditating. I want to encourage you to meditate,… Continue Reading

Blame versus Responsibility

Transcribed from my video at So many confuse these two words. They belong on opposite side of a spectrum. One brings on depression The other raises self esteem and facilitates healing Today I want to address a very simple yet key topic: the difference between blame and responsibility. They are on opposite sides of… Continue Reading

The Two Voices Within

Transcribed from my video at Not everyone is aware that there is a second voice other than your brain that you can choose to speak from. That is the soul’s voice. You know you are in that voice when you are less fearful and less judgmental. The topic today is The Two Voices Within.… Continue Reading

2009: The Year of the Ox: Being Solid Amidst the Turmoil!

Transcribed from my video at This year is a year for hope and solidness. It is true that we do not have control over much. But what we do have control over is our thoughts, our feelings and our perspectives. Grounding and solidness need to be the coping tools of this year. Because amidst… Continue Reading

You are the STEAK of your life!

Transcribed from my video at Societal and family messages are pervasively telling people that their life is less valuable without a partner or mate. That simply is not true. Your life is of value on its own simply because you are alive! Today’s topic is, “You are the steak of your life.” What does… Continue Reading