Find Your Self-Culture

There is a paradigm shift going on right now. It is beckoning you to awaken to the monumental real self within—your “Self-Culture”! If you have not yet found your self-culture—your authentic, instinctive self—you are not living the life the Universe intends for you, and you may be entrenched in a cycle of feeling unhappy, guilty, negative, trapped and anxious.Logo with pic

The planet needs us to unearth the profound joy that lives inside so that we have the disposition to give of ourselves to others. But we cannot do this without first filling our own cups. Find Your “Self-Culture” takes you on a journey of case studies, exercises and teachings from Victoria Lorient-Faibish’s twenty years of working with clients in her busy practice as a holistic psychotherapist.

When you find your self-culture, you will –

  • Unearth the real you!
  • Listen to your soul’s voice.
  • Move beyond depression and anxiety holistically.
  • Rewire your brain so that you can embrace profound joy.
  • Design the life you were born to live.
  • Transform you inner bully into a supportive coach.
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with the people in your life.
  • Heal the hurt child within.
  • Find forgiveness by moving past shame, anger and guilt.
  • Understand the codependent motivations that hold you hostage.
  • Break the cycle of family dysfunction now!
  • Find monumental self-acceptance!



Chapter One: Finding Your “Self-Culture”

Chapter Two: Beginning the Journey

Chapter Three: Understanding Change

Chapter Four: Family-Culture Challenges

Chapter Five: Family Culture: Guilt and Anger

Chapter Six: Shame, Shame, Shame!

Chapter Seven: The Hurt Child and the Critical Parent

Chapter Eight: The Bully versus the Coach

Chapter Nine: Getting in “Right” Relationship with Self and Life

Chapter Ten: Listening to the Hidden Messages in Negative-Pattern Behavior

Chapter Eleven: Categorizing Friendships: Put People Where They Belong

Chapter Twelve: Mastering the Art of Healthy Love Relationships

Chapter Thirteen: Commitment Phobia

Chapter Fourteen: The Codependent Life

Chapter Fifteen: Anxiety: Coping with a Goliath of Our Time

Chapter Sixteen: The Power of Forgiveness

Chapter Seventeen: What Is Your Relationship with Money?

Chapter Eighteen: Your Two Voices Within

Chapter Nineteen: Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunction

Appendix I: Deep Relaxation Exercise

Appendix II: Reparenting Yourself

Appendix III: Exercise for Developing Your Self-Culture

Appendix IV: Exercise for Anchoring New Neural Pathways

Appendix V: Visualization to Transform Your Inner Bully into a Supportive Coach

Appendix VI: Self-Comforting Hugging Exercise

Appendix VII: Dialogue with Self While Eating Exercise

Appendix VIII: Grounding Exercise




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